Watchmaking History: Geneva


Today, Geneva is the capital of watchmaking. One of the most important watchmaking cities. Before Geneva became synonymous with watchmaking, it was a powerful jewel empire. In the early fifteenth century, jewelers made enamel jewelery in Geneva. However, in the mid-1500s, jewelry production in Geneva suddenly stopped. Religious reformer John Calvin believed in his namesake, Calvinism, and saw jewelry as a form of paganism. In Geneva he banned jewelry making and jewelery wear. As a result, trades had to find new ways to use their abilities. Many of them have worked in watchmaking and the history of fine arts began in Geneva.
Quickly Expanding the Clock Industry
The change in the religious movement in Switzerland was not the only thing that gave Geneva watchmaking skills. At the same time, a number of French Protestants escaped persecution in France and developed their watchmaking skills by coming to Geneva. In 1601, the Genevan Watchmaker Companies Foundation was founded and submitted apprenticeships to become a master watchmaker. As a result, there were about 600 master watchmakers living in Geneva until 1760. In just three years, Geneva exported more than 60,000 hours each year.

In the late 1700s, there was a period of uncertainty for the flourishing Swiss industry. The French Revolution disrupted the flow of production and other cities tried to rival Geneva to reorganize its production facilities. Europe was also in the midst of the Industrial Revolution. This led to the first mechanization of watchmaking that created a separation in the industry. Some preferred to produce with new technologies, while others continued to produce old watches, while maintaining the tradition of handmade watchmaking.
Being a Trademark of Precision and Quality
The struggle for industrialization continued in the 1800s. More and more competitors outside Europe have threatened the Swiss market this time. However, compared to other European countries, such as France and England, Switzerland began to adopt mass production more easily. As a result, they managed to remain competitive in an ever-changing industry. In addition, Switzerland has developed a more efficient production division. Although cities like Geneva are more crowded and urban in nature, they are not as crowded as other European cities. Switzerland had a unique decentralized structure consisting of a series of small city centers. In each one, different companies would produce different clock parts. Later, larger companies in cities such as Geneva collect and sell these parts.

Another important moment in the history of Geneva’s watchmaking came in 1886. That year, the Geneva seal gained legal status. This prestigious brand was the first concrete symbol of the unmatched quality of the Geneva watches. To get the seal, the manufacturers had to send their watches to the shoemaking school in the city for examination.
Rise of Wrist Watches: Modernization and Harmony
Soon, the watch industry experienced one of the greatest changes in its history. The First World War encouraged the transition from pocket watches to wristwatches. Before the war, people saw wristwatches as jewelry for women. However, the brutality of the trench battles required the use of wristwatches. After the war, wristwatches gained a new reputation in relation to the strength and courage of military personnel. Once again, manufacturers in Geneva had to adjust the clocks.

Between the two world wars, watchmaking in Geneva continued to develop. Industrialization continued and larger factories began to leave smaller workshops unemployed. This industrialization has also led to changes in the Geneva School of Watchmaking, allowing them to modernize their teaching approach. In addition, with the development of trade began to grow in Geneva. As a result, the city began to change from a production center to a sales center. This transformation ultimately consolidated the position of Geneva as the world capital of luxury watches after the Second World War.
Geneva Today: Protecting the Value of Luxury Watchmaking
After World War II, watchmaking reached its peak in Geneva. However, most of the developing companies nowadays do not exist anymore. After several decades of success between 1945 and 1975, the watchmaking industry experienced its next major change, the quartz crisis. The quartz madness has undeniably shaken the watchmaking industry. Ultimately, however, it allowed the full luxury of the industry to emerge, including the haute horlogerie. Companies that can manage the Quartz Crisis have grown stronger than ever. It led to a new marketing strategy with emphasis on history and tradition.

Today, we continue to see this focus from watchmakers in Geneva and in the sector. In the face of modern challenges, like the rise of smartwatches, the luxury watch industry is rooted. Continue to emphasize the value of the art form

Eta Watches Rolex 3135 Eta Watch Mechanism Overview

Rolex Submariner 3135 Eta Watch Mechanism Overview

What is Eta Saat Rolex 3135 Eta Saat, We would like to answer your questions. How do I know when the first question that the users of the hour rightly wonder is the real eta? Eta There are differences between mechanisms, which one should we get Fark etc nasıl etc Mekan.

Today we are telling you clearly about 3135 Size

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In its latest series Submariner V9 series, both 2836 and 3135 are used

3135 Swiss History, What is Eta Watch Rolex 3135 Eta Watch

The Rolex 3135 mechanism was introduced in 1988. It consists of 150 pieces in average. After 30 years, it is still the king of calibration and automatic mechanism sağlamak At the same time, it provides 28800 after 2835 rotation frequency. It is the ancestor of all mechanisms ild Rolex 3135 caliber has a diameter of 28.1 and its thickness is 6 mm. The Rolex 3130 is the same as the Caliber an The power reserve is 50 hours. This hairpin is made of Rolex’s unique enamel, zirconium and oxygen. This hairpin is a Parachrom hairpin that is not affected by magnetic fields and is not affected by temperature changes. The advantages of small and high seismic resistance are very high.


Now let’s examine the detailed screws and calibrations of the 3135 mechanism that we have seen el .Rolex’s 3135 moving parts are approximately 150 Şimdi. The leftmost part of the picture shown below is PARACHROM Hairpin. The upper left corner is a set of screws for the turning screw, the upper right corner is the movement screw. the left middle part is the unique red wheel of the 3135 movement sol

History of the watch for aviation

History of the watch for aviation

Since the beginning of the last century, only planes have not started to rise. At the same time, he began to attract attention during special hours for aviators. Under normal circumstances, only pilots used to be in the first place, but nowadays they are used by normal people such as dive watches or military watches. In this article, we will talk about the history and characteristics of an aviation watch and its differences with modern watches.

Aviators …

The first watch in aviation history is known as the inventor Cartier Santos-Dumont. Santos is normally known as a jewel maker in Paris.

Dumont is a great Brazilian who contributed to the development of hot air balloons. She was born in Brazil but had researched airplanes in Paris for a long time.

It has a great role in inventing Zeppelin.

At that time pocket watches were used and this was very difficult. It was quite tedious to manage the plane and control the time. We can be like smart phones today. For an aviator, it is very difficult and dangerous to focus on something else. So the idea of making an airman clock came up.

To date, Cartier Santos is famous not only for its historical history, but also for its unique square frame shape.

If we look at other clocks, such as diving hours and military watches, we can see the similarities and differences between them.

Aviation Watch Features

The main binding element is that the watch can assist the pilot in his work.
However, as you will see later, pilot times largely depend on the needs of the pilot, which makes their appearance very different from each other.

Compared to diver’s clocks, aviator clocks usually use full-number markers instead of index markers.
It is impossible not to mention the B-Uhr hours in an aviation article. For some, such watches are also known as the Flieger. These watches are designed to be used by German bombers during World War II, so if you ask me, they have a rather sinister past. There are 2 types of B-Uhr, A type and a more typical B-Uhr, which is a more normal wristwatch, and the more famous B-type with the modified minute and hour marking position.
For the Germans, there were only 5 producers of the B-Uhrs: A. Lange & Söhne, Laco (Lacher & Co), IWC, Wempe (Chronometerwerke Hamburg) and Stowa (Walter Storz). I can say that B-Uhr is the replicator of the aviator watch nowadays, and many watchmakers are trying to imitate his design.

Another important feature of an aviator watch is its anti-magnetic case. The aircraft cockpits are filled with powerful electromagnetic radiating devices. It is therefore very important that the pilot’s clock has a good anti-magnetic chassis to ensure that the movement of the watch is fully functioning.

The aircraft clock also needs a level higher than the average accuracy in time operation. Airmen will be exposed to a high G-force during take-off, so it is very important that the watch has a good impact resistance.

In addition to the features mentioned herein, there are many clock models with various features. It would be quite exhausting to talk about all of this, so this is enough for us to understand the difference between other hours.
Our aviation watch has a deep history and importance in our present civilization. The invention of the plane changed our style of travel and these hours played a major role. Nowadays, pilots are no longer relying on wristwatches for navigation (such as Longines Clock Angle), which can be done by highly sensitive machines in the aircraft cockpit.

These features are preferred not only for the show but also because they have very useful and functional features. And finally, you can’t deny that these airy watches have a great accuracy.

Reflect your style with your wristwatch!

Reflect your style with your wristwatch

The wristwatch is a tool that people use as an accessory and attach them to their wrists to learn about the time. Wrist watches are produced in order to enable people to reach the concept of time easily. With the developing fashion styles, watches are now the indispensable accessories of women.


Nowadays, especially women who closely follow the fashion, according to their clothes and daily psychology by making the hours of choice to add elegance to their elegance. He gives information about the style of watch that many women wear on his arm.

Many of the major brands are now designing their own unique watches. Especially in the apparel sector, the company’s clothing stores are complemented by stylish clothes as well as complementary watches.

Wrist watches are divided into different styles. Analog watches, digital wristwatches, sports wristwatches, classic wristwatches, smart wristwatches are some of these types.

Analog watches

The general name of the classical clocks on which the hands and the hands are located is the analog clock. There are numbers above analog wristwatches. Depending on the model of the watch, these numbers sometimes consist of Roman numerals and sometimes classic figures. In these watches, the time varies depending on the person’s scorpion and minute hand adjustment.

Digital wrist watches

The time given to the watches showing the time with digital symbols is called the digital clock. The mechanisms of such clocks are also called quartz mechanisms. These watches have a crystal that is cut and placed in a certain size. Thanks to the electric current supplied with this crystal, it vibrates a certain amount of seconds. Unlike analog clocks, they do not sound. Analog click is not available in analogue hours. Digital clock types include date, alarm, phone book or even calculator.

Classic wrist watches

Generally, they are accessories accentuated on classic combinations. Most of the women who prefer formal wear do not give up the classic watch. Classic watches look more feminine on the arm than sports watches. Elegant feminine transitions in the colors and hours used are the indispensable accessories of fashionable women. Classic watches are usually analog. The cords of watches can vary from metal, gold, leather. While women prefer leather watchband watches in winter, they prefer wristwatches in gold and metal colors, which add light shimmer to their arms in spring and summer seasons.

Sports watches

Nowadays, along with the developing world of fashion, accessories as well as accessories have evolved within themselves. In fact, only the time produced by certain brands, many clothing companies have now started to produce in a unique way. Young, old, female, male has become one of the indispensable accessories for many people now. Nowadays, as a result of the busy work life, people started to prefer sportswear instead of classical clothing in the evening. Their accessories are also shaped according to them. Nowadays, sports wristwatches often reflect a striking image with a dark, heavy metal as well as a color. It is possible to say that women are choosing the time according to their mood and characters. Such a colorful hour reflects the spring breezes.

Smart Wrist Watches

With the developing technology in recent years, technology companies are spending great energy to produce smart watches and to develop these watches. As a result, smart watch models are becoming the most remarkable parts of the wearable industry. Nowadays, smart wrist watches offer the task of a notepad about the person’s daily plans. These wrist watches sometimes provide information about your sleep and diet with your health information. Sometimes he checks the routines of your workouts. It features television viewing and reminds you of your meeting hours. Smart Wrist Watches Today